The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. Photo courtesy of


A few months ago, I posted photos on this site depicting winter scenes that give me a good feeling, photos that lessen any anxieties I have due to my being on the Autism Spectrum (Asperger’s Syndrome to be precise).

As Spring is my favorite season – not too warm, new bright green leaves budding that looks nice – I wanted to post scenes of Spring that, when I’m experiencing any negative feelings or having a bad day,

Makes me feel better, even though as much as I wish I were at these places I’m unable to.

It’s my way of getting back to nature.

Hope these pics give you a good feeling, too…



Photo courtesy of


This is a really good image, the leaves growing on the trees and the cows grazing on the grass.

It reminds me of when I was eight years old and living in the country; I had two calves that I had fun taking care of.



Photo courtesy of


I’ve always liked wide open spaces like this, particularly since I live in the vicinity of the nation’s second largest city where it oftentimes feels so cramped and crowded.




Photo courtesy of


A classic springtime image: brightly colored flowers blooming among bright green grass in a meadow.




Photo courtesy of


Love these budding leaves on these trees in Switzerland…




Photo courtesy of


Check out these wildflowers with the spectacular mountain range in the background!




Photo courtesy of


I SO wish I was at this place; it’s more or less perfect with the forest, mountains and trees bathed in all that green and blue (the sky, that is).

I guess I’m a nature person at heart.

Perhaps I’ll get to see places like these someday soon…



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