GOUT (and other pains) AND ME, PART TWO

Not a lot of worse things than painful joints in this part of the body…


Being reminded that I’m a middle-aged guy, I’m not invulnerable, and that nothing is forever, particularly life on earth.

The past six weeks have not been fun for me physically.

At all.

It all started about a week after Easter, when I had a big chicken dinner late one night.

It was probably too big a dinner, (the reasons in a bit), but I was hungry and hadn’t eaten for roughly twelve hours.

Since chicken is my main meat staple as I had given up red meat and eschewed pork for years, I didn’t think much of any consequences – until the next morning when I experienced something I hadn’t experienced in three years:

Excruciating pain in the upper joints of my left foot.

As I had suffered gout attacks in 2014 and 2010, I knew what to do; I got busy drinking cherry juice and assumed that it would all be over in a few days.

Except it wasn’t, as although I not only cut way down on the chicken – which, as it turns out, while it doesn’t have as much purines (which is prevalent in turkey and which I gave up after my first gout attacks in 2010), the level of uric acid in the purines is enough to cause attacks – I cut down on eating in general, the gout pain not only persisted over the next several weeks, it manifested itself in two subsequent attacks.

A good example of the disability that gout causes was the fact that I couldn’t run, which ended any opportunities to play in my weekly pick-up softball games on a regular basis; I tried to play games twice; one game I had to have somebody run for me and the other game I had to leave in the 6th inning when the discomfort affected not only my ability to run, but altered my hitting to the point where I wasn’t effective.

In other words, I had to put myself on the “disabled list”, which I researched ways to get rid of my gout issues as fast as possible on the Internet.

One method, putting two or three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drinking that concoction at least three times a day – gave decent results.

As did eating cherries, which is what I did last night after a dinner which featured a little chicken.

Thank goodness that I woke up this morning being able to walk better than I had before, because for much of the past several weeks I was limping like crazy and even needed a cane at times.

And gout was not the only source of pain as there are some mornings where I wake up and the area just below my right knee hurts, usually after I’m out and about as I walk a lot.

The pain usually goes away after I put some ointment on it and take a few steps, but make no mistake – it’s arthritis.

Thanks to research, I compiled a list of foods that will now be an essential part of my diet (some of them I’ve already been eating) in order to prevent gout, which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy it’s so painful…

  • Cherries
  • Avocados
  • Bananas
  • Salads (increase consumption of these)
  • Lemon (add to water)
  • Green tea/Cherry juice
  • Low Fat Cherry Yogurt
  • Potatoes

I made it a point to schedule an appointment with my doctor, but if this improvement continues, I will be able to cancel it.

Which is my hope.


The big lesson learned here:

Not that I didn’t know this already, but now I completely,  wholeheartedly and emotionally understand that the older one gets, the more work one must do to take care of oneself and maintain health.

Along with the hypertension and high cholesterol, which I have been taking medication for, I am no exception to this general rule of thumb.

As such, I plan to exercise today.

Being that my 50th birthday is in less than three weeks from this writing, I think it’s essential that I continue to do what needs to be done in order to not die before I’m ready to.

Which I certainly hope will be a long time from now.


Some thing that I haven’t eater in seven years; a roast turkey – makes for Thanksgivings where I have to be a bit creative…



Let me join the rest of the world in praying for the folks in that northern England city that lost 22 people in that blast the other day.

Like every other decent person, it broke my heart when I heard about that suicide bombing in the lobby of that arena after an Ariana Grande concert.

Did Islamic State (or ISIS), the group that claimed responsibility, REALLY think that their cause for worldwide Sharia law would be furthered by killing kids outside a pop concert?

Here’s to praying that Manchester, 180 miles north of London, fifty miles east from Liverpool, and home to two of football’s (or what we in America call soccer) most iconic teams, Manchester United and Manchester City, heals sooner than later.





I know that one can poll ten people and get ten completely different lists regarding this subject.

I also know that I’ll get many disagreements regarding at least some of my choices.

But these are the movies with our national pastime as the subject that I have enjoyed the most and feel are the best.

For the record, I’ve included documentaries as well.

So here’s my list (in no particular order) – let the debating begin…

NOTE: Click on the YouTube links to view scenes…





Considered by many to be the single greatest baseball film ever made; it’s number one on my list.



42 (2013)



If you need any explanation as why this film depicting Jackie Robinson’s breaking of the color line is on my list, I don’t know what to tell you.







I remember seeing this in the theaters more than once, I enjoyed it so much. Plus it’s an essential film to show girls; to inspire and encourage them to follow their dreams.






Along with the Dodgers in the 1977 World Series, the factor that piqued my interest in baseball.



61* (2001)



This HBO film by New York Yankee fan #1 Billy Crystal was so good, even Yankee haters become fans for two hours.






I remember being in high school when this Robert Redford movie came out; I was SO excited at this final scene when Roy Hobbs (Redford) smashed the lights with his home run.







This HBO movie gives a good historical lesson of the Negro Leagues and its two greatest stars, Satchel Paige and Josh Gibson, along with Jackie Robinson and how he was chosen to break the color barrier.







Though there’s some recent debate about the viciousness of White Sox owner Charles Comiskey, whose mean stinginess is widely thought to be the reason for the 1919 Black Sox Scandal, this is the definitive story – in my opinion – about how Shoeless Joe Jackson and those other seven guys lost the World Series on purpose for gamblers.



WHEN IT WAS A GAME TRILOGY (1991, 1992, 2000)




This HBO trilogy, which is simply film footage of Major League Baseball and its players from the 1930s through the 60s, rekindled my fondness for the game.







Though I know there are folks who feel that this PBS mini-series should be discredited for the way it depicted Ty Cobb (in light of recent evidence of his character) and other things, I remember feeling that this was perhaps the greatest thing I ever saw on television when I first viewed it in ’94.

Plus it was dearly needed due to the World Series-killing baseball strike that was going on at the time; a perfect tonic.


OK, there are my choices.

You are now free to say how much you disagree with them if you are so inclined…



Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles CA – a place I have been to over fifty times, with a gorgeous view of the downtown skyline in the back drop.

The Latest Update On The Progress of My Book, “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS”


Things are moving along.

Being that I am finished with what I believe is my 4th draft/re-editing of my Asperger’s experience book, “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS”, I am almost done with printing out the manuscript; just a few pages of chapter ten – the last chapter – to go.

I have made a decision, however…

Because I’ll most likely have to once again rewrite the book for the website Lulu.com in order to have it be (self) published, as I’m planning on using that site to publish my tome,

And because I’m busy with other important things,

I’m pushing the release of “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS” to the fall, possibly November but no later than December 1st.

As a silver lining, it will be ready just in time for the holidays!

I’m planning to make rewriting the manuscript on Lulu.com my main summer project, put a little less emphasis on my sports site/blog, SoCalSportsAnnals.com (Here’s the link to check it out: http://www.socalsportsannals.wordpress.com ) ,

In order to get this tome out there and ready.

Another big decision I have made is that from time to time, once every month or six weeks – I’m not 100% sure yet – I plan to post some excerpts from “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS” on this blog to hopefully perk interest in my story of being on the Autism Spectrum in a neurotypical (non-autistic) world.

I think that by doing so, more folks will want to buy the book.

I’ll write the first excerpt either this month or next month.

Until then, I remain most optimistic about this book of mine.