The Latest Update On The Progress of My Book, “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS”


Things are moving along.

Being that I am finished with what I believe is my 4th draft/re-editing of my Asperger’s experience book, “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS”, I am almost done with printing out the manuscript; just a few pages of chapter ten – the last chapter – to go.

I have made a decision, however…

Because I’ll most likely have to once again rewrite the book for the website in order to have it be (self) published, as I’m planning on using that site to publish my tome,

And because I’m busy with other important things,

I’m pushing the release of “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS” to the fall, possibly November but no later than December 1st.

As a silver lining, it will be ready just in time for the holidays!

I’m planning to make rewriting the manuscript on my main summer project, put a little less emphasis on my sports site/blog, (Here’s the link to check it out: ) ,

In order to get this tome out there and ready.

Another big decision I have made is that from time to time, once every month or six weeks – I’m not 100% sure yet – I plan to post some excerpts from “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS” on this blog to hopefully perk interest in my story of being on the Autism Spectrum in a neurotypical (non-autistic) world.

I think that by doing so, more folks will want to buy the book.

I’ll write the first excerpt either this month or next month.

Until then, I remain most optimistic about this book of mine.



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