HORRORS IN LAS VEGAS: Thoughts on the Largest Mass Murder in U.S. History

A nice shot of the Las Vegas Strip at night. Photo courtesy of topoftheworldlv.com


Nearly sixty people dead in a little over ten minutes.

More than 500 people injured.


I have been to “Sin City” multiple times, including on the occasion of my 40th birthday ten years ago.

And have enjoyed myself immensely each time as I consider Nevada’s largest city “Disneyland For Adults”, staying at places like the Rio, Circus Circus, and the Venetian.

I particularly like the buffets, which I consider the best on Earth – I especially recommend the buffets at the Rio and Red Rocks Casino/Hotel (wonderfully delicious!) – and enjoy playing video blackjack, video poker, and the slots; I once won $39 on a lucky video poker hand.

No, it’s not a lot, but still…

Being the baseball fan that I am, I even went to Cashman Field to check out a 51s, the local minor league team, game.

I was impressed at the $1 hot dogs and the other low prices, including the seat above the 51s dugout that I was able to get for around $7, when the same seat at Dodger Stadium would cost at least fifteen times that.

And yes, I’ve seen some shows, including the Pirates spectacular at Treasure Island and the show given in the Casino at the Rio, as well as that big fountain show outside the Bellagio.

So when I found out about those mass murders at that Route 91 country music festival on the Strip the other day, not only did it sadden me,

It led me to say a prayer of relief that my relatives and friends who live in Vegas were okay; thank God they weren’t near that concert when those horrors went down.

I won’t go on about how I’m tired of these shootings, which have been more and more frequent in this century; memories of that Sandy Hook tragedy where twenty first graders were gunned down, and that student at Virginia Tech killing those 32 Hokies are still fresh in my mind.



How could I possibly write an article on Las Vegas without including a picture of this sign? Unfortunately Mandalay Bay, where the shooter killed those people from one of its windows, is on the left. Photo courtesy of  urbanmilwaukee.com



Ditto with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killing 13 of their fellow Columbine High School students in April of 1999.

Nor will I go on about the need for gun control, as so many on both sides of the issue rave on about every time something like this happens.

The two questions going through my mind right now as I write this is,


“Are these killings ever going to end?”

“Is this evil ever going to stop?”


Of course I don’t even begin to have the answer to that, but I will say this…

If people stop going to Vegas,

Stop partying at the clubs, gambling at the casinos, eating at the yummy buffets, going to see big names like Elton John and Britney Spears at their shows,

Then Stephen Paddock (the man who was responsible for the evil carnage) will have won.

I, for one, plan to revisit that city when I get the chance, as soon as I’m financially able to enjoy myself there without going permanently broke as I’m not exactly Bill Gates – or even the average home-owner-in-the-suburbs-with-the-suit-and-tie-job guy.

It goes without saying that my prayers go out to the 58 people who are no longer with us, and their families who are grieving, due to Paddock.

I particularly pray that we NEVER have to experience what those folks experienced.

Or ever hear news like that again.







A memorial to those killed in the mass murders at the Route 91 Music Festival in Las Vegas. Photo courtesy of chicagotribune.com



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