My Favorite Halloween Memory

Some forever images of Halloween. Photo courtesy of



October 31st, 1981.

I was a 14-year old ninth grader at John Adams Junior High (now Middle) School in Santa Monica, CA.

The Dodgers had just won the World Series – being that they’re going for another championship now, I felt that it had to be mentioned – and my mother was pregnant with a boy who’s now in his mid-30s, who she would deliver two weeks before Christmas.

Being a 14-year old boy, like all adolescent boys one could imagine the hormones that were doing their thing.

Well, they were particularly doing their thing with me that Halloween day as the school was celebrating their annual “Hobo Day”.

Which ironically had nothing to do with hoboes as in the three years that I was a junior high school student, I don’t remember seeing one kid dressed like what we would now call a homeless person, complete with the bag tied at the end of a stick.

Indeed, as far as the girls were concerned, particularly the 8th and 9th grade girls,

Like what Lindsay Lohan narrated in the movie Mean Girls, Halloween was the chance for the girls to dress like, well…

I won’t call them sluts as that’s far too derogatory a term, but let’s just say that many of the female students were in costumes that were rather titillating.

I saw quite a few girls dressed as Playboy Bunnies, French Maids, and other various outfits that involved leotards, which I had a weakness for; showing much leg, a bit of bosom, and leading us guys to exclaim,

“Did you see what so-and-so is wearing today?!”



A scene from the Peanuts classic, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” Photo courtesy of



They were wearing stuff that would definitely get them sent home today.

And would make any adolescent guy’s hormones go nuts.

As for me, there was one costume that, which not as provocative as the others, led me to get a huge crush on this one girl for the rest of that school year; I won’t mention her name, but let me describe what she was wearing…

She had on a superhero-type outfit, complete with a cape, tights, and a skirt that was short enough to show some upper thigh.

She was in my gifted English class, and I also had a history class with her, so I got to see her quite a bit.

She was my type anyway, as she had olive skin and a sort-of ethnic, non-WASPy look about her, with round features, not fat but not bony-level skinny, either.

Plus she was nice, definitely not a “Mean Girl”.

And I made a fool of myself trying to get her to go out with me the rest of that year, doing silly things that I reckon many adolescent boys with Asperger’s (I didn’t know I had it at that time) would do when they get a big crush on a girl, doing things ranging from picking her on my lunchtime intramural co-ed softball team to using some coupons from a nearby Burger King to ask her for a date.

No, the crush didn’t come to fruition as (of course) she turned me down for that Burger King outing; like every other girl I had a crush on during those formative years she definitely didn’t see me as attractive in any kind of romantic way.

But it’s a good Halloween memory all the same, because that crush started on that day.

Along with putting in my copy of the Peanuts classic, “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”, and going to a couple of parties in subsequent years,

What happened on that All Hallows Eve in 1981 will always be a significant memory and part of that holiday’s experience for me.



John Adams Middle School in Santa Monica, site of my significant Halloween experience in 1981. Photo courtesy of

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