The Only Christmas Album Worth Listening To (according to me)

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I’ll get right to the point…

A significant reason why (in my and I’m sure millions of other’s views) A Charlie Brown Christmas is the greatest animated feature ever made lies in the soundtrack of that essential holiday classic.

Produced by jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi in 1965, the beauty of the eleven songs is the fact that they were done by a mere three instruments


– A piano, which Guaraldi played,

– An upright bass, played by Monty Budwig on some songs and Fred Marshall on some others, and…

– A simple set of drums, played by Colin Bailey and Jerry Granelli


Two of the eleven songs, “Christmas Time Is Here” (an absolute classic that I love!) and “Hark, The Herald Angels Sing”, were done by a children’s choir.

And of course we can’t forget the song that became the theme music to that greatest comic strip of all time, “Linus and Lucy”.

But enough of the details!

I am going to post the links to some of the classically brilliant tunes below for you to listen (thanks to YouTube); these are my personal favorites.

I’m confident that you’ll agree with me that this is a GREAT Christmas album, if not the absolute best…

































I hope these songs serve as evidence of why the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas is the best holiday soundtrack ever made.

It’s honestly not Christmas in my book without listening to this album multiple times, along with watching that holiday special.

After doing both since I can remember – well over four decades as I was five when I first recall seeing A Charlie Brown Christmas on TV for the first time – it’s safe for me to say that.

If nothing else, I’m confident that they’ll invoke good childhood memories of this time of year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



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