CHRISTMAS SCENES (Particularly Outdoor Scenes), 2017

I really like this photo of this decorated Christmas tree in the forest. Courtesy of


I’ve always liked looking at photos and images of outdoor Christmas scenes this time of year.

They give me a feeling of calm, as being someone with Asperger’s who gets anxiety from time to time over the various stresses that life brings, it is quite helpful.

I also like looking at the Christmas displays around my neighborhood; though I’ve seen some that have gone WAY too far, that’s OK. It’s a part of the Christmas and holiday season.

With times being what they are in the world, I think we all need something like that to help cope – which I certainly thank God for as He created nature.

For those who are wondering what my wish is for this Christmas and holiday season, it’s the same as always,

Something that we SO need on this planet we call Earth, more than ever…




Of course It should go without saying that I wish everyone a…



All right, on with the scenery. Please enjoy…


LOVE the star situated between the decorated trees. Photo courtesy of



Check out this church nestled in this mountain range, all covered in snow. Photo courtesy of



I like the subtlety of the Christmas lights on this house, nothing too outlandish. Photo courtesy of



This is a perfect winter scene; a decorated Christmas tree in front of snow-covered trees. Photo courtesy of



I feel obligated to show a big lights display – I like this one; it’s not too subtle, but it’s not as over the top as other displays, either. Photo courtesy of



This is such a pure winter scene that give me such a feel-good effect, I had to share it. Photo courtesy of



And of course a Nativity scene MUST be included here. I hope you like this one…


Photo courtesy of church



One more photo for the road – one which I like because it shows a sense of unity that’s sorely needed these days; a Hanukkah menorah placed next to the Christmas tree…

Photo courtesy of




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