SOME SPRINGTIME SCENERY TO ENJOY (At Least For Me If Nothing Else), 2018

Photo courtesy of


One thing that I have always enjoyed,

That has always helped to calm me down whenever things get stressed or a bit agitated,

That has always relaxed me,

Is looking at nature scenery, particularly scenes depicting spring with its light greenery on the grass and in the trees.

I think my having Asperger’s may have something to do with it, as far as helping me to relax when I get struck with anxiety.

Why don’t I stop rambling and go ahead and post some springtime scenes that I hope are enjoyed, and which I will enjoy if nothing else.

In other words, if no one else needs these pics of wide open spaces, mountain ranges, forestry, cherry blossoms,  bluebonnets, and other nature stuff that makes me fantasize about picking up and moving to a cabin in one of these locales,

I certainly do…


Photo courtesy of





Photo courtesy of






Photo courtesy of






Photo courtesy of






I SO wish I lived in one of these houses. Photo courtesy of





This makes me wish I lived in Vermont, where this pic was taken. Photo courtesy of






My my, look at all that blue on these bluebonnets in Texas. Photo courtesy of






I like the combo of orange and gold on these flowers. Photo courtesy of








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