If I could read this guy’s mind, I’d guess that, like me, he’s completely walking on eggshells…



I’ll be as cut-and-dry as I can here.

When I decided to change the name of the book describing my (largely bad) experiences with being on the autism spectrum throughout my life to “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS” from the previous name I had for the book, “MY ASPIE LIFE”,

It was for a relatively simple reason…

For as long as I can remember and as long as I have interacted with people and peers at school, work, and everywhere else where social interaction is involved, I have felt like I was walking on eggshells.

Of course I didn’t realize that as a little kid, while behaving like an undisciplined animal at times during my early elementary school days in particular, but I was oftentimes crushing eggshells almost to dust during my single-digit age years.

In fact, I didn’t realize that I was walking on eggshells until well into my time as a technical adult, but that’s what it was.

Every time I went to school or work or hung out with peers, and even to this day, there was a sea of eggshells to negotiate, the only difference being that now that I’m in my fifties, I know I have eggshells to negotiate and gear myself up to behave accordingly every time I go out for whatever reason.

Which as someone with Asperger’s can be quite exhausting, so much so that there have been, still are, and will likely always be a need to be completely left alone after being out and about to decompress.

School, college, and work for me was a pronounced example of me having to walk on eggshells, because I was interacting with people, who in the days when I was in school and college and working for other people had no idea of my being on the spectrum, who more or less didn’t understand my unintentional (emphasis on that word) rudeness and inappropriateness and, in many of those folks’ cases, reacted as expected in the form of ostracization towards me.

Instances of these animosities and ostracization towards me abound in my to-be-published-by-Christmas book, “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS”, as looking back, it seems that my life was full of things I did that induced negative reactions among those who I knew, which explained my lack of a lot of real friends – as opposed to acquaintances – during those formative years up though I believe my 20s and roughly half of my 30s.

To put it simply, I was walking on eggshells with orders to not crack them – and miserably failing to do so – pretty much every day and to this day.

With that being the case, how can I possibly not have those three words as the name of my page-turner?

If you want to know about specific details, you’ll have to buy and read my book when it comes out.

After being busy with articles for my sports fan blog, SoCal Sports Annals.com (here’s the link – check it out if you’re into sports at all; I think you’ll like what you see), http://www.socalsportsannals.wordpress.com,

I finally have time this summer to do some final (this time for sure!) editing and to begin the process of self-publishing this tome of mine, which I have been working on for years.

I’ll give an update on my progress in this final stage sometime in August.

Until then…


I’ve always wanted to post a picture of someone who’s African-American who also has Asperger’s, being that I’m an Aspie who’s Black. Photo courtesy of youtube.com




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