What I’ve been doing on this blog and elsewhere for the past ten years. Photo courtesy of writing



July 7, 2014.

After writing various articles covering various topics that hold my interest – sports, politics, music, racial issues (being an African-American male), being on the Autism Spectrum – on, which doesn’t exist anymore, and, where I actually got a small royalty check for my efforts,

Much as was the case with my sports blogging, it was beyond time for me to really do my own thing; start my own blog where I can write what I want, and how I want.

I know it’s a cliché, and I’m not a fan of clichés, but…

It’s quite hard to believe that’s it’s been four years ago today that Hartland Chronicles began.

Quite a bit has happened in my life in those four years…

  • Reaching my fifties.
  • Continuing my walk with God, as I had accepted Jesus as my personal savior a couple of years before.
  • Starting my own sports blog, SoCal Sports Annals (Here’s the link: please check it out, I think you’ll like it:
  • Starting to live a healthier lifestyle due to the stroke scare that I had in October of 2014, when my blood pressure was 300/200, and…
  • Working on and beginning the final stages of editing and self-publishing my book describing my struggles with being on the autism spectrum, “WALKING ON EGGSHELLS”.

Which if I hadn’t started doing cardio and other exercising on a regular basis, plus given up  high sugar and high sodium things like pizza, hot dogs, lunch meats, red meat, donuts, and mainstream fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Burger King and Jack-In-The-Box, I might not be sitting here writing this today.

More than anything else, this blog has been a good vehicle to vent and get my feelings and opinions out there.

Having Asperger’s in a non-Asperger’s world, while (with God’s help) I think I’ve improved my behavior and interactions with people, probably due to age,

There are still some once-in-a-blue-moon times when thoughts of hurting myself enter my mind, particularly when someone tries to interact with me like they see me as an inferior being, as in bossing me around or getting on my case over something that’s honestly not worth getting on anyone’s case about.

And it will probably always bother me at least a tiny bit when something unexpected happens that I don’t like.


When I feel bad – I don’t want to call it a depression – it always make me feel good to look at wide open scenery like this…


There’s something else I want to mention…

Remember at the end of the 2003 movie Peter Pan, when the narrator talks about how Peter had a lot of joys, but in looking at Wendy and her family’s reunion after returning to London from Neverland, he was “…looking at the one joy for which he must forever be barred.”

Looking at my life and many if not most of my peers, while I don’t in any way compare myself to Peter (I never wanted to always be a little boy, and I obviously can’t fly!), I can definitely relate to what that narrator said.

While it would have been nice to have someone who was attracted to me and cared about me to the point of wanting a relationship and family with me, I know that that would be too confusing and overwhelming for me to be ultimately successful in.

The same goes with having children, as much as I like them; every time I hear a baby crying and fussing, I always think,

“That’s why I’m not having kids.”

In short, I know that marriage and family is not for everyone, and is certainly not for me.

I couldn’t handle arguments or fights with the spouse, and I know I couldn’t handle the various issues that parents have with their kids.

This is something that I understand and accept about myself.

It’s a difference from the accepted norm in society, but there you are.

Outside of that, I know full well that I am beyond blessed inasmuch as I have a roof over my head in a town and neighborhood that I like (which I call “Convenient City” because almost everything I need is within a 10-to-15 minute walk), electricity, water and food to eat – unlike so many other folks as the homeless situation is more desperate than ever.

This is something that I thank God for.

And this blog, while I wish more people would read it, is also something that I thank God for, and which I plan on continuing for the foreseeable future as I have thought of more personal things to write about.

It’s been a good four years, I’d be a fool to think otherwise.

I only hope that the next four years, for this blog as well as my sports blog – my life in general, actually – are as decent as these past four.

With God’s help and blessings, I’m optimistic that they will.



Another illustration of my life’s work this past decade…


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