LOVE SEES NO COLOR: My View On Interracial Relationships

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I reckon that the title of this post has given away my feelings on people of different races and cultures dating and having romantic relationships.

A few years ago on the website I wrote about seeing a young teenage couple at a bus stop one day, doing the typical teenage couple thing; kissing, cuddling, etc.

The thing that appealed to me about that twosome was that she was Latina and he was an African-American, giving me a good feeling that relationships in which the people involved are a different race/ethnic group/culture are more accepted in the present day then when that Loving vs Virginia case was going down in 1967.

Unfortunately – and especially in the current cultural atmosphere triggered by the election of this country’s President-Who-I-Refuse-To-Name – there are plenty of folks who are completely against Miscegenation; folks who have the view that different races and ethnicities should never mix romantically, which includes Asians, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, and Jewish people as well as blacks and whites.

I remember back in high school having a crush on a Persian girl; to make a long story short, when I tried to call her, her mother angrily rebuffed me, me not knowing that a big part of Persian culture is for them and their children to only be “with their own”.

Of course I saw – and still see – that as plain old bigotry.


Florida, USA — Young interracial bride and groom on wedding day — Image by © Kai Chiang/Golden Pixels LLC/Corbis I love this wedding pic – that groom is SO lucky to be marrying such a beautiful bride! Photo courtesy of


In fact, I’ll be perfectly honest…

While as a black man, I want to emphasize that this is no way whatsoever implying that I have anything against African-American females as I have a list of black women and girls that I had a crush on over the years, including Clueless’ Stacey Dash (her politics notwithstanding), The Facts of Life‘s Kim Fields, and especially Michelle Thomas, who played Urkel’s obsessive girlfriend on the TV show Family Matters and who tragically didn’t make it to the age of 30, dying of cancer before reaching that age,

I have always been attracted to females of all races and ethnic groups as their personality and integrity has far more importance in my book than the color of their skin and how they worship God.

Basing my romantic interest choices by initial physical attraction (unfortunately, that’s a natural reality) and  – more importantly – “the content of their character”, to quote Martin Luther King, is something that I have always emphasized.

In fact, I’ve always felt that to limit my dating/relationship options to strictly “my own kind”, as too many people, particularly social conservatives and right-wing types, would prefer to do, would not only be akin submitting myself to a voluntary Jim Crow-segregation,

I would feel straitjacketed, limited, and bored.


When it comes to love, a mate should be chosen based on one’s heart and soul rather than skin pigmentation and cultural/ethnic sameness.

They say that “The heart wants what the heart wants” , and I’ll always strongly believe that anything between two individuals that is loving and affectionate should be appreciated and celebrated.

Which was why it gives me a feeling of gladness whenever I see interracial couples out there; it’s real good to see that race, ethnicity and culture in dating is far less of an issue for millennials than for previous generations.

My suggestion to all those couples out there who are given dirty looks or nasty comments because their skin color or ethnicity is different:

Just say this to those folks:

“Love sees no color, because there is only one race – the human race.”

Or tell them,

“You have a right to feel that way, but you know what? It’s SO none of your business!”

Which it isn’t!

Or better yet,  just ignore them.


Now this is a great picture of a truly gorgeous family. Photo courtesy of



The Top Reason Why The Confederate Flag Should Not Be Displayed



The flag of South Carolina, a good substitute for the Confederate flag in this post as I absolutely refuse to EVER display those “Stars and Bars” ANYWHERE in this blog of mine


I will try to make this as concise as I can.

I understand that those people who see that red flag with the blue cross and eleven stars signaling those states that made up the Confederacy as a symbol of their proud (to them) Southern heritage and not as a symbol of hate and bigotry not only to the four million blacks of African descent that suffered in bondage in that region, but to over 30 million African-Americans today, are upset at the recent events that saw South Carolina governor Nikki Haley signing a bill banning that flag in public places.

As well as the groundswell in other Southern states to remove that banner.

However, what those right-wingers don’t understand – or refuse to do so or even acknowledge – is this:

On top of the notion that the Confederate flag is a sign of racist hate and oppression (which to me is and always has been) and everything else…


It was used as the predominate symbol in what remains the worst attack against the United States in its history, a four-year war that saw over 600,000 people die in order for a group of Americans in the Southern part of the country to try to assert their right to see other Americans as less than human because of the color of their skin.

And to keep them as slaves in order to continue, in their minds, “the natural order of things”.

These Southerners were so passionate about that so-called “natural order” they followed the precedent set by men like Judas Iscariot and Benedict Arnold in order to keep their “way of life”.

I cannot put it any other way, nor is there any need for any more elaboration – The Confederate flag is a symbol of treason.

And to let that symbol freely fly would be akin to Germany removing its ban on a flag used in that country seventy-five and eighty years ago as their symbol to murder 12 million Europeans; six million of them being Jewish, plus six million others such as Slavs, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and anyone else who didn’t fit their image of what a person should be like and look like.

Or dared to question them and their ways.

Notice that I didn’t use the name of that group as much like those Southern Stars and Bars, that name and that flag will NEVER, EVER be shown on this blog/site.

I won’t go on any longer, except to state this:

For Governor Haley and all those other folks in South Carolina who made doing away with that flag a reality, I have one simple word for you…


And to all those who want show their heritage and pride in where they came from, try displaying and flying this flag; it’s a really good one which you should have no problem with: